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Cactus Jack. So many questions derive from this seemingly meaningless name. What creates the stir? Who decides upon the mystery and for goodness sake, where did this mischievous character come from? Some say his antics are steeped in inner city mayhem. That he peruses the streets, loaded with bass in one hand, and a pair of black rimmed specs in the other. Nobody quite knows the story as to how this manic figure conjured such a beautifully wrought tonic. Herewith, the most popular story to date (not that he cares about popularity in the least):

Having recently jumped ship, after his travels through South America, the infamous Cactus landed himself somewhere in the middle of RSA.  The only possessions to his name were his leather jacket, an all-purpose pocket knife, and of course the finest Mexican tequila (to quell his sometimes painstaking nights). Not knowing where and when his next adventure would occur, he aimlessly trekked the bare laden streets of South Africa’s dorpies.

It was here that our hero came into contact with Oom Schalk, a hard as leather, grizzly bearded bear of a man. Schalk was notorious in all of Mzanzi for having SA’s most notorious sokkie sokkie parties. Schalk would host these get-togethers, week in, week out, bringing in thousands of party goers. His events were known to be so successful because of one thing. A sour’s so distinct and flavourful, so sweet and undeniable, that not even the town’s mayor could contain his cravings.

Cactus being the mischievous, uncaring type, decided that he would make matters a little more adventurous for the towns folk. He thought them to be too narrow minded and conservative for his liking. Especially after having witnessed the craziness that takes place in Latin America. One day, whilst Oom Schalk’s fresh new batch was a brew; Cactus slipped into the barnyard and layered his finely filtered Mexican tequila into the sours. Low and behold, that weekend was the most memorable and insane Sokkie the town had ever experienced. Unfortunately though, it was also to be their last, as the party was eventually shut down by the national defence force. It had gone for a week straight. The mayhem had spread and many feared that it would eventually reach the country’s capitals. Alas, the time has arrived. It’s taking over our cities, and there is nothing to do but embrace it. Cactus Jack, tequila sours…it can’t be seen, only felt. Be rebellious, be Cactus Jack.