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Honey. What are the words, feelings and thoughts associated with this rich, undeniable taste? Many use it as an accompaniment to tea, toast and sweet tasting treats. The soft, smooth texture is known to soothe the throat, instantly calming the nerves. Alas, there is something more to honey; something more symbolic, something with deeper meaning. It is here that we find our untimely hero; between a rock and a rainbow.
In an unknown location bordering the Garden Route, Cactus Jack has been braving it out in the wild. The cities’ have forsaken him – dispelling him, in fear of suburban collapse. His rebellious parties and no care attitude have been a burden to a once flourishing economy, and for that they have tossed this once high-flying misfit, aside.

He now finds himself alone, scared and somewhat confused. The wild has never been his true friend. Cactus prefers being in the social scene, surrounded by scores of people. His hunting skills lack, his water filtration skills, dismal. His only hope? The soul searching, heart-warming, thirst quenching bottle of Mexican Tequila hecarries religiouslywith him. He pounds it back, often as can be. So much so, that one day, he decided to get off his lazy behind and climb up a cliff. However, after half a bottle of the good stuff, this may not have been such a good idea.

Needless to say, our untimely hero was not in a good place. With his eyes watered, clouding his vision, he took an unknowing step into the wrong direction. Bam! He lands straight into the grime and filth. His bewildering fall springs a branch into the tree above.
Low and behold, a delicious, cool batch of honey falls out of the hive above him, landing mostly on his face, but with smidgen just reaching his mouth. The combination of such splendour gives him hope. He springs to his feet, looks at the sky and praises the all-knowing gods.
He has now found his way back into the city; to the people he loves – to mess with.

Combining Honey with Original Mexican Tequila will surely win back the heart of the City. Will this be his ticket back to chaos and mischief? Only time will tell, stay tuned.
Be Rebellious – Be Cactus Jack