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Now at this very same party. The one some would call, the “event of the decade”.  People were partying their socks off, literally. The Tequila sours tasted so monumentally out of this world, that everyone had the bright idea of taking off their sneaks and dancing to the cool collective beats of Oom Schalk’s, disco disco. Colourful lights, drums, and crazy attire – this was the order of the day. The face paint came out, as did the lumo gear. Before long, it was as if this new breed of sokkie had produced a new and different type of party animal. Cactus being the one to love the limelight jumped up and admitted to everyone his darksome deed.

Not overly fussed, the crowd pulled him into a stage dive. Whisking and waving him through the contours of this incredible venue. In doing so, Cactus was tremendously taking aback. He always thought himself to be this mysterious, slick and charming character. The one people admired but were always intimidated by. Yet, here lay a crowd of people, so caught up in the essence of music and joy, that they admired him, simply for being himself. It was a place he truly belonged.  So surprised was he, that when pulled into the crowd, the bubble-gum he was chewing flew straight from his mouth and into the shot of another party goer.

She took the drink, oblivious to its contents, and downed the blue looking liquid in one go. With this, the blonde haired, blue eyed female took to the stage. Bopping and grinding, she produced moves that no one had ever seen before. DJ Roger Rabbit, playing some deep Afrikaans beats at the time, decided to turn it up a notch, if only because of this girl’s new and unfound energy. His skills allowed for the most insane beats and drops. The music would bring the crowd to one enormous tempo, and with that, the release of retaliation of bass. Something no one could even comprehend, never mind discover. Now, some say that this provided the roots and recorded history of dubstep, drum and bass and electro. No one knows for sure. Whatever the case though, these two new flavours brought with them an unknown world; something new and different; something that will be around for a long time to come. It has now made its way into the city, and a craze it is likely to be. Urban and Rural alike are making it a home-grown name. Accompanied with the new street threads, the classical verb and lingo, and the inner city vibe, Cactus is set to make waves in the scene. Question is, are you ready?

Bubblegum Tequila and Tequila Sours, Made from the finest Mexican Tequila, and a sure way to get your party started. So go on, Jack up your party with Cactus Jack.